Name :   Daddy.....
Date :   Dec 27, 2012
Comments :   Missing you today and every for the past 10 years!!!
Contd :   I love you.....
Name :   Mommy
Date :   Dec. 27, 2012
Comments :   There are no words to express what I feel.
Contd :   I love you my angel. Mommy.
Name :   Daddy,
Date :   Dec 9, 2012
Comments :   Happy 20th Birthday my dearest Aziza! Seems like yesterday when we were all celebrating your 10th Bday with the Girl Power sleepover. Youre missed tremendously by all of us!
Contd :   I Love You - Daddy
Name :   Daddy
Date :   Dec 8, 2012
Comments :   Hello My Beautiful Aziza - It was 20-years ago today that your Mommy and I went to the hospital to wait for your arrival! It took a while but you arrived the next day...Dec 9th, 2002!
Contd :   Cant believe you left us 10-years ago! I miss you very much. I love you....always!
Name :   Mommy
Date :   11/5/2012
Comments :   My darling beautiful baby Almost 10 years and my heart aches for you everyday I miss you so very very much my everything.
Contd :   I love you sooooooooooo much Aziza. Love Mommy
Name :   Just a friend(:
Date :   8/2/2012
Comments :   I decided Im going to visit your place in Cambodia someday! I drive past your house frequently and little memories keep coming back. Your window, the tree, everything!
Contd :   I dont have the money or time yet with school approaching, but I swear Ill be there. I feel like a part of you is there and I need to go!
Name :   kellsi (kiki)
Date :   dec 27,2011
Comments :   Hey zeezee, so its been 9 years since i last saw you in person but talking to you i do that every night. I keep on hinting to my mommy that i want to go to london this summer but idk i miss you please come back
Contd :   Im trying to do this without you.i love you lylas kiki
Name :   Lorraine
Date :   Dec 27/2011
Comments :   thinking of you today hon xxxx
Contd :   
Name :   Lorraine
Date :   Dec 10/2011
Comments :   Thinking of you Z but thats not new we think about you often, you will always be in our hearts. Kisses to heaven hon xxxxxx
Contd :   
Name :   Uncle Hirath
Date :   12/9/11
Comments :   Happy birthday my dearest Aziza. Youre alway in my thoughts.
Contd :   
Name :   cece
Date :   12/9/11
Comments :   Happy Birthday Zeezee! I cannot believe youre already 19! i miss you terribly and think of you everyday. Have you noticed the purple butterflies on the tree? Theyre for you (: So much love for you and miss you so much!
Contd :   
Name :   kellsi
Date :   12-9-11
Comments :   come back soon and tell your daddy to call me
Contd :   
Name :   Kellsi
Date :   
Comments :   Dear Aziza. Happy birthday girl. i cant believe that you are 19 today. i cant believe that you are still not here with me and i can go around town with a smile on my face because i no you want me too and you are watching over me. I miss you and love you o
Contd :   
Name :   Daddy
Date :   Dec 9, 2011
Comments :   My Darling Aziza - Happy 19th Bday! I cant believe so much time has passed since we last celebrated your birthday together. I miss you terribly......
Contd :   I love you..for always!
Name :   Just a friend(:
Date :   12/08/2011
Comments :   Around this time of year youre always on my mind. I miss you. I wish you were here. But thank you for the memories we had. You were so special to us and I promise no one is ever going to forget you.
Contd :   
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