Name :   Kelly
City, State :   Brooklyn,NY
Feedback :   Thank you Kenny for a beautiful flute! The look and sound are what I was hoping for! Best Regards, Kelly
Name :   Jim Foy
City, State :   Clayton,North Carolina
Feedback :   Kenny,I got your Yellowheart Healing Flute in A-minor for Christmas. I love it!! This is my second Kenny King flute,I also have an E-minor in Walnut,which is another great sounding flute. I play it all the time. Your flutes are made well,sound great and a
Name :   Joanne Degnan
City, State :   Warwick, RI
Feedback :   If you are looking to purchase the perfect Native American Flute,contact Kenny King immediately. Kenny Kings flutes sound and look magnificent. Of all my flutes, his are my favorites!
Name :   Tracy Freeland
City, State :   Columbus, Ohio
Feedback :   Wow! Im so glad I ordered the D minor flute. It was a birthday present for myself. The flute is beautiful. I cant believe you can make such a quality flute for such a reasonable price. The sound it makes is gorgeous. Thank you so much for this wonderful f
Name :   Bob Taylor
City, State :   Toulon, IL
Feedback :   I got KK Flute #3 a few days ago. A special order one. WOW!!! Great Job, Kenny!
Name :   larry
City, State :   lexington NC
Feedback :   Very nice looking and sounding flutes!If you looking for a Professional looking and sounding flute at a good price,then buy a KK flute you will not be disappointed.Thanks for sharing:) Kenny you have a good gift. Peace and god bless,larry
Name :   Jim Reed
City, State :   Dayton, OH
Feedback :   Purchased my first 432 hz Healing Flute just recently and have fallen absolutely in love with it. This is something Ive been waiting my entire life for and will especially appreciate now that Ive just received a terminal cancer diagnosis. These comments c
Name :   Jayce Allisson Karl
City, State :   France
Feedback :   I really love to play it ... I can feel all the spirit musical power when i blow in ... So many thanks to kenny ... ( I play something like 20 different instruments and my A KKflute is one of my favorite I ever play ) I called her my Spirit Sister
Name :   Anna Perez
City, State :   Virginia
Feedback :   Kenny has created a flute with a wonderful, soothing sound for me. Beautiful to look at and to play. He was very understanding and helpful.Thank you so much
Name :   Donna Jones
City, State :   Marshfield, MO
Feedback :   My flute is a treasure. It is gorgeous to look at and angelic to play. The craftsmanship and quality are top notch and so is your service. God bless.
Name :   Mike Whallon
City, State :   CoeurdAlene, Idaho
Feedback :   Thank-you Kenny King! Just recieved the Canary Wood Flute in F minor! Sweet as ever, Awesome flute! I have counted up my flutes I have bought from Kenny and this is number 25 now!! Love your flutes! Thanks Kenny! Mike Whallon, CoeurdAlene, Idaho
Name :   Margaret
City, State :   Sydney, Australia
Feedback :   I highly recomend anyone around the world to purchase Kennys flutes. They have lovely pure sound, wet out very little after extended playing and are a sheer joy. Kenny himself is the most helpful trader and the speed of delivery is amazing even to down un
Name :   ken gibson
City, State :   westmont il
Feedback :   ordered the flute on tuesday,got here thursday and am more than happy with it.great voice and so easy to play.look forward to buying more from a great flute maker
Name :   kieta
City, State :   tucson
Feedback :   KK - For the quality of flutes that you are making you need to raise your prices!
Name :   Carol
City, State :   St. Louis, MO
Feedback :   I received the flute already. How it got here so fast is a mystery, but itís here. To say that Iím stunned is an understatement. From the first note, evenÖ The wood, the block, the feel of the holes, the tone, its accessibility and response, all work t
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