First Name :   Richard Lovato
Email Address :   
Date :   10/29/07
Comments :   
First Name :   lori
Email Address :
Date :   10 1 07
Comments :   i justfound out about my condition and would love to hear from any body i need lots of suport
First Name :   mercy walker
Email Address :
Date :   16.9.07
Comments :   hello my name is mercy and i live in new zealand in invercargill and go to southland girls high school and i too suffer from mhe and would love to have some friends with it to my mum and grandmaalso has mhe but i would really like someone my age witch is
First Name :   Madeline
Email Address :   
Date :   9-5-07
Comments :   Im 12 and I have MHE and its really cool to see what other people think of it. I have never met anyone like me so no one else really gets it.
First Name :   Joann
Email Address :
Date :   08/20/07
Comments :   My husband & daughter have MHE. My daughter is currently in karate & just earned her yellow belt. My husband is a green belt & was even in the Police Reserves in our city. MHE has been an empowerment of character & ability! Phil 4:8
First Name :   janice
Email Address :
Date :   7/29/07
Comments :   iam an adult with mhe. would like to be a mhe coal member but dont know how to sign up.
First Name :   Jeri
Email Address :
Date :   July 14, 2007
Comments :   You have a wonderful site. My 13 year old son has another awful gentic bone condition and yet, like all of you, is a wonderful regular kid, when his body lets him be. Hugs to you all, to your parents, siblings, family, doctors, & friends - including those
First Name :   Jon and Deanna, Tim
Email Address :
Date :   06/29/07
Comments :   We are a family of three and very glad we found this site. Thank you very much for everything everybody has done. Great Job.
First Name :   james
Email Address :
Date :   06/21/2001
Comments :   i haveMHE and am almost 30 yrs old and just thought i would check out the site .. Nice to see other peoples point of view
First Name :   Donna
Email Address :
Date :   05-09-07
Comments :   I am glad to know that we are not alone. My daughter has HME. She was diagnosed at the age of 5. She is 17 yrs old now.
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